Hall of Fame - Batting | Redlands Sharks Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1103206819615320193610200103*Josh ZellerRedland Sharks2020/2021C4 GRADE7 1Coorparoo
29019270451532019353069490Bradley ZellerRedland Sharks2020/2021C4 GRADE4 2Brisbane Saints CC
36718834801532019347233267*Bevan DanielsRedland Sharks2020/2021C4 GRADE1 1Park Ridge
46519270451532019347233265Bradley ZellerRedland Sharks2020/2021C4 GRADE1 1Park Ridge
5609764491532019349466360Ethan HarrisonRedland Sharks2020/2021Div 3 PreXmas 20-212 1Wellington Point
66012606971532019349479360*Matthew OwenRedland Sharks2020/2021Div 10 PreXmas 20-215 1Villanova Orange
75910829331532019349468059*Bronson ShawRedland Sharks2020/2021Div 4 PreXmas 20-215 1Holland Park Junior
85818658801532019349479058Ryan M BeattyRedland Sharks2020/2021Div 10 PreXmas 20-214 1Bulimba Fields
95613998411532019349478756*Jesse HinderRedland Sharks2020/2021Div 10 PreXmas 20-212 1Villanova Orange
105615788511532019349486956Lauchlan LimondRedland Sharks2020/2021Div 14 Qtrs PreXmas 20-215 1Villanova Silver
11554768531532019353061155Daniel HardieRedland Sharks2020/2021B2 Grade4 1Brookfield United
125413248361532019361007654Jake RowettRedland Sharks2020/2021B2 Grade6 1Bracken Ridge
135413998411532019349478954*Jesse HinderRedland Sharks2020/2021Div 10 PreXmas 20-213 1Holland Park Junior
145220681961532019354556452*Josh ZellerRedland Sharks2020/2021C4 GRADE5 1WPC Cricket Club
15522839051532019349848552Daniel RowettRedland Sharks2020/2021B2 Grade3 1Moggill
165113998411532019349479051Jesse HinderRedland Sharks2020/2021Div 10 PreXmas 20-214 1Bulimba Fields
175111408771532019349478951Alexanda HarrissRedland Sharks2020/2021Div 10 PreXmas 20-213 1Holland Park Junior
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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