Hall of Fame - Batting | Redlands Sharks Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1864998101552019381705186*Leigh WallaceRedland Sharks2021/2022C4 Grade3 1Everton Districts
2854998101552019388621085Leigh WallaceRedland Sharks2021/2022C4 Grade6 1Brisbane Saints CC
3756511241552019405311975*Will HelmrichRedland Sharks2021/2022C3 Grade14 1Cleveland Thornlands
47512310411552019405884175Oliver WearingSharks Red2021/2022Division 2 Post Xmas 21-225 1HP Red
5706511241552019383460170Will HelmrichRedland Sharks2021/2022C3 Grade4 1Cleveland Thornlands
6664998101552019383502666Leigh WallaceRedland Sharks2021/2022C4 Grade5 1WPC Cricket Club
76512308211552019405883565*Harvee HareSharks Red2021/2022Division 2 Post Xmas 21-222 1HP Red
86013248361552019388620360Jake RowettRedland Sharks2021/2022C2 Grade6 1South Brisbane Junior
96010829331552019383521860Bronson ShawSharks Black2021/2022Division 2 Pre Xmas 21-224 1Mansfield
105919270451552019403912059Bradley ZellerRedland Sharks2021/2022C4 Grade10 1WPC Cricket Club
115911210461552019405306659Lachlan C NortonRedland Sharks2021/2022C2 Grade12 1Park Ridge
12586511241552019381536158*Will HelmrichRedland Sharks2021/2022C3 Grade2 1Kenmore
135710855481552019380991857*Taj St HillRedland Sharks2021/2022C2 Grade1 1South Brisbane Junior
145718834801552019403909957Bevan DanielsRedland Sharks2021/2022C4 Grade9 1Coorparoo
155516546341552019383533655Kaedyn BillingSharks Brewster2021/2022Division 9 Pre Xmas 21-223 1Villa Orange
165212606971552019405884152Matthew OwenSharks Red2021/2022Division 2 Post Xmas 21-225 1HP Red
175210829331552019405883752Bronson ShawSharks Red2021/2022Division 2 Post Xmas 21-223 1Mansfield Gold
18524998101552019405307352Leigh WallaceRedland Sharks2021/2022C4 Grade12 2West Brisbane
195019270451552019381705150*Bradley ZellerRedland Sharks2021/2022C4 Grade3 1Everton Districts
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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